【About Us】

In 2003, Department of Education of Taipei City Government commissioned Pan-America International Education Foundation to establish Songshan Community College. The foundation, founded by Chairman Thomas S.L. Tsoung, CEO of Merica Group, in 1989, always aims to internationalize the higher education in Taiwan. As a devotion to the public, it established the community college with Merica Group’s nearly 50 years of experience of social education to help develop SongShan District and invite the whole community to enjoy lifelong learning. The college was initially located at Taipei Municipal Xisong Senior High School when founded in February 2003. Afterward in March 2006, it was relocated to Taipei Municipal Zhung-Lun Senior High School for its better accessibility.


SongShan Community College has been always following Ministry of Education’s policies. We promote lifelong learning, establish civil societies, and help develop the community’s culture; we take care of social vulnerable groups. We’re here for Taiwan’s civil societies’ knowledge, ensure social vulnerable groups the rights of learning, and boost learning organizations; we are desirous of the establishment of a lifelong learning society and we cultivate future citizens. To innovate, mature, and excel is our goal. Not only the community and people from all walks of life approve of our efforts, but also Department of Education of Taipei City Government does. It has been awarding us “superbness” yearly since 2007. Likewise, Ministry of Education always lists us as one of the top community colleges and subsidizes us.

↑ Chairman Tsoung, Thomas and Principa Dr. Tsai, Su-Chen briefingthe college’s development to Faculty Senate Government

↑ School view

↑ For many years, we receive medals of "Superbness" from Department of Education of Taipei City

【Our Mission】

As the saying goes, “Good is good, but better carries it.” In this changing society, we still believe in this proverb and pursue “Growth, Excellence, Innovation, and Advancement” as our slogan shows. We hope to endow the idea of education with diverse values and cultural meaning. We approach our goal from six aspects. First, developing the community, cultivating and managing human resources in the community. Second, raising public participation and people’s consciousness as citizens. Third, paying close attention to international interactions and global issues. Fourth, deepening the education of environmental protection and the care for the rivers’ environment. Fifth, taking care of social vulnerable groups and boosting cultural diversity. Sixth, familiarizing the community with art. To accomplish the six goals, we start with designing applicable courses for the cultivation of individuals. By learning, individuals better themselves, and then they’d lead people’s attention to the community and public issues, participate in innovations, and therefore renew the community. We hope we are not only a place for learning but also a base for the improvement of the society.

↑ China Times’s news report on one of the college’s public welfare associations

↑ We hold a world ballroom dance open tournament annually.


↑ Prof. Chai, Song-lin lecturing on “Population Revolution”

↑Our Sigau (錫口, ancient name for SongShan District) Culture Camp for the community

↑ Our River Watch for the environment


↑ A visit from Shanghai City: by scholars of Community Education and Lifelong Learning


【Our Courses】

We provide courses specializing in humanities, social science, natural science, community associations, arts and crafts, languages, computer science, photography and images, applied science, health, dance, culinary, singing, investment, and so on. All the courses are designed for lifelong learning and community education. Besides, we’re adding courses about community participation and other fields. Except for spring and autumn semesters, we are also open for the six-week courses during summer and winter vacations. All in all we provide more than 150 courses for your selection.

For people who are searching for systematic courses, we have courses for the study of place, international affairs, cultures, environmental education, arts and humanities, and health and leisure. From approaching the purposes of the courses to the care for the community and even global issues, our systematic courses aim to cultivate a well-grounded citizen.

Some courses are digitalized for this society with well-developed information technology. Since 2004, we have provided the students with online learning resources, including original audio-visual lectures. In 2010, we embarked on a digital teaching project, and we have uploaded many courses free of charge one after another ever since. At the same time, we cooperated with Taipei e-Campus and started “Celebrities’ Lectures.” By making selected courses available on e-Learning, we shortened the digital distance between learning and the community.

↑ Community Managers Cultivation

↑ Photography Course

↑ SongShan Back Lane Renovation Course

↑ PeoPo Citizen Reporter Association

↑ “Celebrities’ Lectures” (cooperation with Taipei e-Campus)

↑ Our digital teaching materials

【Community Management】

SongShan Community College always deems itself as a local institute of higher education, and hopes to help develop the community. Over the past years, we have made much efforts to the community: we did field studies for local history, kept oral history from the elders, and helped construct the community’s own culture; we preserved traditions and customs, boosted art events, and held public discussions for the community. We mainly focus on: first, restoring the fading memory of SongShan District; second, finding out the difficulties of the district and searching for solutions; third, blueprinting a more comfortable community.

On the other, as the lifelong learning center of this district, we put the focal points on the following aspects:

1. Compiling local teaching resources.
2. Bringing the community and its people online for community services and information sharing.
3. Creating a cultural neighborhood to establish “Study of SongShan.”
4. Playing the role of knowledge management, future citizens cultivation, sorting resources, and putting System dynamics into practice through the service of SongShan Community Learning Center.

↑ Summer camp for families

↑ Art event- Sigau Culture Festival hosted by President Ma and Mayor Hau

↑ Culture Vehicle - Community service

↑ SongShan Healthy City, Taipei

↑ SongShan Community Learning Center

↑ Opening Ceremony with Mr. Kang, Tsong-Huu, Director of Department of Education of Taipei City Government, and Ms. Yu Shu-Yi, Director of ShongShan District

↑ Community Learning Map

↑ Brochure of the introduction to the community’s past

↑ “The Legend of SongShan” for the community’s historical education

↑ SongShan Journey

↑ SongShaner Magazine


【Our Organization】


【Contact Us】

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SongShan Community Learning Center
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